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Friday, May 07, 2010

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Sunday June 28, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sorry for the delay, but we are very excited to welcome the newest member of our family; Kate Linford. She was born June 15th at around 2pm. Autumn was amazing and did a stellar job. I was floored at had well she did. All I can say is that Autumn is simply amazing!

Autumn’s mom came and helped us out for about a week. It was great having her around. The week she was here was a very busy and stressful week for me so it was nice to know that Autumn had some support at home.

We are very excited to have you in our family Kate… We love you!!!!

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Thursday June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Today we visited with a glass company called Guardian. We were able to see how glass was made from start to finish. It was pretty cool.

After the visit, we visited Bumrungrad, which is this world renown hospital in Bangkok. It was a great visit. They provide hospital services for 1/8th the price while providing five star service. Incredible.

Later in the day, our group had a dinner cruise on the river. It was pretty fun talking with all of my classmates on what we have learned on this trip. I had so much fun, but I will be really excited to come home to be with Autumn; I miss her so much.

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Wednesday June 3, 2009

Another travel day...

Today we woke up bright and early and headed down south to Thailand. Man alive is it hot and humid here. We checked into the hotel and then went on a boat ride to look at some sights around Bangkok; including some cool temples.

A couple of us then went to check out the markets. The markets here are not as good as the ones in Beijing or Hong Kong, but they are good.

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Tuesday June 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This morning we visited Hong Kong Disneyland. We spoke with the VP of Park Operations – Noble Coker. It was very interesting to learn about some of the success and struggles they had in bringing a western icon to the eastern part of the world. It was great.

A small group of us then went to lunch at this Thai place. It made me very excited for the food I am about to have in Thailand.

We then just went to some of the local shops to browse. I have been getting some nasty blisters on my feet from all the walking lately; they look pretty cool.

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Monday June 1, 2009

Even though we arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, we did not stay long. This morning we left Hong Kong and headed back to Mainland China, this time in the southern region. There we visited a garment manufacturing factory (also known as a sweat shop). This region of China was very different from Beijing. The people were very, very poor. My heart went out to the people who day after day live and work in these conditions.

After our tour, we had lunch at the Mission Hills Country Club. It is this really “posh, posh” place where we had some Dim Sum. It was pretty good.

After lunch we stopped at the Hong Kong temple and took some pictures. Then we headed back to the hotel to change for the evening.

Our group then met up and watched the light show on the bay. It was ok. I guess I was expecting more from all the hype.

Our group then crossed the bay on a ferry and then took a tram to the top of Victoria’s peak. The view from up there was amazing. We only stayed for a few minutes then we came back to the hotel. Some friends of mine and I then wondered the streets of Hong Kong until about 1am. Man alive am I tired..

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Sunday May 31, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts. Communist China blocked Blogger so I was unable to upload my files. Nevertheless, I did track my postings each day and have posted them below.

Today, we had the opportunity to go to one of the local branches for church. I still think it is pretty awesome that there is a couple active branches in communist China. Blows my mind.

After church we went to the Temple of heaven. There was a ton of people there dancing around to some music. There were also tons of singers everywhere. Quite the experience.

For lunch we had peking duck at a local restaurant. It was hyped up quite a bit this trip. While it was good, it definitely was not the best think I have had on the trip. It was good, not great.

We then headed to the airport so we can catch our flight to Hong Kong. it is very hot and humid here, but I am excited to see what it has to offer...

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Saturday May 30, 2009

Today was the day that we visited the Great Wall of China. But first, on the way there, we made a quick stop at the Birds Nest at the Beijing Olympic Park. It was pretty cool to see. While we were there, tons of people kept coming up to us and asked us if they could take our picture. I felt like a celebrity..

When we got to the entrance of Great Wall park, we took a tram up to the top of this small mountain to get to the wall. It was pretty amazing that they were able to build the wall in such a mountainous spot. It was very steep in some places and the steps were uneven. Needless to say, while walking around on the wall was an aw-inspiring experience, it also played havoc on my knees. It was worth it though.

We then went to a local restaurant close to the wall. The Chinese food has been the best food for me on this trip so far. In the restaurant, someone brought their dog inside and it was barking like mad. I think that it was the first time I saw a non-seeing eye dog in a restaurant.

We then visited the Ming Tombs. They are the burial place of the Emperors during the Ming Dynasty. It was buried deep in the ground. Interesting fact, when the Emperor died, they buried his wives and concubines alive with him, creepy!

The Silk Market was next on our list. Although I did not buy much, it was a crazy experience. I have never seen spo pushy sales people. They were grabbing and pulling all over the place. I decided to just have fun with the people and had a blast goofing off with them.

Kjell McCord, Jonathan Mecham and I then headed to a local restaurant for some Chinese food. I had some chicken curry dish and it was great!

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Friday May 29, 2009

Another jam packed day, and I would not have it any other way!

This morning we visited with Deloitte and talked about how business in China differs from other countries; specifically the US. Some very insightful information was shared on the impact of a government controlled economy and benefits and struggles of working in a communistic society.

After our visit, we headed to Tinnemans square. I really need to do more research on what happened there, but from what I can tell, some very bad stuff happened there in 1989. Our tour guide skirted around the issue and eventually told us that he was not allowed to discuss it with foreigners.

We then had lunch inside the Forbidden City. It was very cool to be eating Chinese food inside a place that was once “Forbidden” to most people. The food was very good as well.

After lunch we toured the rest of the Forbidden City. The place is huge. There are 90 courtyard in it. However, I firmly believe that if you have seen one courtyard, you do not need to see another. Very cool though.

We then headed to the Summer Palace. Very pretty place with a manmade lake. However, we were getting rushed for time so we were unable to stay there long.

We then came back to the hotel for 25 minutes to grab a quick bite to eat. We were then off to see The Legend of Kung Fu. It was very cool.

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Thursday May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ahhh, the sweet nectar of sleep. The one benefit of running all over Asia is that I have no problems sleeping at night. I am so tired I just crash and don’t wake up at all during the night. It has been some of the best sleep I have ever had.

This morning we visited the Hyundai headquarters and toured their Heavy Industry’s facilities. They focus on the heavy equipment side of Hyundai. They build many things at the plant but their biggest products are these huge, ginourmous ships!

After the tour, the Hyundai people were generous enough to treat us to lunch. We then headed to a Korean temple. This temple site is approximately 1,300 years old. We saw many people worshiping and even saw a real life monk meditating.

We then headed to the Busan airport to head to Beijing. Korea was great! Despite the nuclear and missile fiasco from the North and all the hub bub over their former president committing suicide, the people have been very nice and it was a great trip. I am not going to lie, the food for me was hit and miss. I am not a big fan of Kimchi. I think the smell is the hardest thing for me to get over. The food that was good was excellent. I am really excited to see what China now has to offer.

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