Year 4 Anniversary Video

Friday, May 07, 2010

Posted by Wayne at 9:29 AM  


I love this video!!! I just watched it for the second time. First time on your Facebook page and second time on your blog.

What an awfully beautiful like you have! :)

Amy said...
10:21 AM  

Great video! You guys have such a happy family!

Allison said...
1:14 PM  

Very, very cool and cute.

Alicia said...
4:46 PM  

Wayne - we LOVED your video! What a beautiful family! We are coming out to Utah in July. Where are you? ~ Mel & John Leuck.

Melanie said...
2:40 PM  

loved your video Wayne. I'll show Dan next time they are here. they were here last week for a volleyball camp and will be back the end of next month.

mckeehan said...
11:39 PM  

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